For most people the purchase of a home is their largest monetary investment. It is also among the largest emotional investments. When the purchase is a solid home without any major issues, it is a dream come true for many. BUT, when there are surprises (& not the good kind), the new home owner could be stuck with problems that could be rather costly or have a living condition that is unbearable.




Our Firm has roots in our community. We live, work and play here. Many of our Brokers have families that go back generations from Cowlitz Co. We know our community, both the good and the bad. A Broker from outside of our area would not be as knowledgeable of issues that we would be aware of.


One example of this would be the Aldercrest neighborhood. That was a devastating disaster that changed many lives and changed many processes in local government, local real estate practices, inspection protocol and insurance coverage. Our area will forever be changed by the loss of this neighborhood. So while this landslide was an epic catastrophe, most outside Brokers would not even know what “Aldercrest” was.


Another example is local awareness of the different flood areas. Recently one of our Sellers accepted a contract of the sale of their home. Our Seller and our Firm are aware that this property is in a flood zone and would require flood insurance. The Buyer’s Broker was not aware of this fact; the lender was also not a local mortgage company, which would have immediately known to look at whether the Buyer could afford to purchase this home with the extra cost of flood insurance. The Listing Broker with our Firm brought this fact to the attention of the Buyer’s Broker, who in turn asked the Lender. The Buyer could not afford the flood insurance and consequently terminated the transaction. Unfortunately, the Buyer wasted $500 in a full home inspection on a home they couldn’t buy.


By choosing a local Broker and Firm, you help to ensure you have the best representation available whether you are a Seller or a Buyer. Our Firm prides ourselves on our education and training on all aspects of our business and industry to serve our clients in the best manner. We also invest our lives and our business in our local community.

We are local and we truly care for our community and all in it.

Thank you for your interest in John L. Scott Lvw.